About Us

Green Parks Australia is a private enterprise with a core mission.

That mission is to take action on climate change and the loss of our flora and fauna by rehabilitating damaged land back to pre-settlement conditions. To do this we buy farm land and other damaged lands and work to rehabilitate that land with native plants and trees, restoring creeks and waterways and re-introducing fauna once this land has reached a state that it can support the animals that once inhabited the land.

We are creating what we call “Green Parks”. These will vary in size and location but will all be nurtured back to their pre-settlement native state. Once each Green Park is completed it will be open to the public. However unlike state forests, Green Parks will only be accessible on foot and will be closed to motorcycles, cars and four wheel drives and no hunting, fishing or prospecting activity will be allowed.

Government in Australia has largely failed us on environmental issues and climate change, so our purpose is to step in and make a contribution. We are doing from private enterprise what government won’t do. As a private commercial enterprise we have the freedom to buy land, rehabilitate that land and then open the land with restrictions on the way the land may be used. As such our Green Parks will be kept safe from environmentally damaging activities that often occur on public land.

Every Green Park created will replace barren, damaged and scarred land with native flora and fauna. Tree planting will be a big part of our work as will ensuring that plant species native to particular areas are reintroduced.

Rehabilitation of damaged and scarred farmland and other land is not a quick process. However we are committed to working every day to ensure that we can restore as much land as possible and through our tree planting and flora re-introduction process help combat climate change.

We raise money for Green Parks Australia using crowd funding. Green Parks Australia is a private commercial enterprise. Currently we use Patreon to raise funds for our mission. Every contribution made goes directly toward our development of Green Parks throughout Australia. When you make a contribution a small percentage of that contribution is kept by Patreon as a way to pay for that service. Patreon take 8% of all funds raised by us for Green Parks Australia use.

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