Atlas of Living Australia

Have you ever wondered what native flora and fauna exist in or inhabit your area?

Do you have kangaroos nearby? Have koalas been seen in your region? What snakes are you likely to find around your house? What native trees or plants are commonly seen around your place? The answers to these questions and many more are contained in an amazing and free online resource called Atlas of Living Australia.

The ALA is Australia’s national biodiversity database. Founded on the principle of data sharing – collect it once, share it, use it many times – the ALA provides free, online access to millions of occurrence records to form the most comprehensive and accessible data set on Australia’s biodiversity ever produced.

By aggregating biodiversity information and making it more available online, the ALA is assisting scientists, planners, managers and others to create a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity. The ALA is used for research, environmental monitoring, conservation planning and management, education, and citizen science activities.

We use the Atlas of Living Australia quite often when confirming the existence of plants or animal species in particular areas where Green Parks are planned.

You can access the Atlas of Living Australia here: